Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Igloo Animations casting for Granny in Kids Cartoon

Dear Voice Overs,

Igloo Animations are casting for a Pre-School (4 to 6 year olds) cartoon titled

'Grandma's Wild Garden'. On Saturday the 26th we will be casting for the Grandma character.
We will be making a pilot episode and seeing if we can get full funding for a TV series. So the
successful candidate will just be doing the VO for the pilot for the moment.

See character description below:
 "Grandma is a photographer and a naturalist. She’s a vigourous wiry woman in her late sixties
with a wicked sense of humour and a disdain for convention. Her children are proud of her but
also a little embarrassed by her. Her grandchildren find her enchanting and love to hear her
stories and see her pictures. She looks after the twins until their Parents return from work, and
enjoys their enthusiasms, their energy, and the fact that they laugh at her jokes and enjoy her
stories. She is slightly nervous of -their dad, her son David, named for her late husband, and
their mum Jo- because they are anxious slightly obsessive parents, and desperate for their kids
to ‘do well’ and fit in."

So as you can see, she is a bit bonkers ;)
Designs are not signed off at present so please just follow the character description in the Bible and Script. You can download the Bible and script for Episode #1 here

Casting starts at 12.00  till 16.00 on Saturday the 26th of April. If you cannot make it and would like to submit an audio clip from your own studio or even phone, please mail it to jobs@iglooanimations.com
Address: 7 Upper Pembroke St, Dublin 2

We will be also casting for the 2 twin kid characters soon enough, but the Grandma character will
really sell the show and her character is dominant throughout, so she comes first.

Feel free to rehearse a few lines from the script etc... whatever you recon will best suit a good
pitch for the character (no more than 30 seconds). Also, let me know the time you wish to
arrive at and please don't worry about being first. We will be here till 4.

All inquiries will be answered at jobs@iglooanimations.com

Thank You and see you then :)

Trevor Courtney
Director at Igloo Animations
Phone: 00353 1 6629016
Address: 7 Upper Pembroke St, Dublin 2


Monday, 6 January 2014

Igloo News - January 2014

Hey Ho people and a Happy New Year to you all :)
I can't believe it's 2014 !!! Feels like a year in a Science Fiction movie.

OK, first up. We are doing a mini series of 6 animations for Tower Records !!!!
Here is the first installment of Fridgey and Nan in The Dawson Street Deal! Stay tuned
for the next episode! http://youtu.be/QVG1QyhmytE

Igloo have also just finished producing Gimme Video's http://gimmethevideo.com/ for the
Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, explaining their new Sound & Vision scheme, see here
and the The Institute of Bankers in Ireland, see here :)

We have also produced 6 clips for the very nice Solicitors at
BURNS NOWLAN SOLICITORS, which are Igloo's very first law practicing client.
See here to view clip #1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie8SXvbtNqs

Also, other new Gimme The Short Version's http://gimmetheshortversion.com/
that have just finished production include
- Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland: http://youtu.be/EjovH77rlH0
- Josh CPD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLeUipxUFTo
- Environmental Protection Agency: http://youtu.be/yY44yGqZblk
- Realworld EDC: http://youtu.be/SdMpEG1TEDo

January will be filled up with Tower Records animations and more animations
for the lovely people at ESRI Ireland :)

OK, that's all the news for the moment. Wishing you all the best in 2014 :)

Very Best,

Trevor Courtney

Email: info@iglooanimations.com
Phone: 00353 1 6629016
Address: 7 Upper Pembroke St, Dublin 2