Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Igloo Animations - Summer News

Hello everyone, hope the summer has been treating you well so far :)

We have had a very busy summer here and we are currently in full production on
a digital book application for CJ Fallon for the next two months. We have just
finished doing animated Short Versions for Facebook which have been translated
into 8 different languages :) For real!

Gimme The Short Version is still just as popular as ever, see new updated site here for
our newest short versions http://www.gimmetheshortversion.com/. New clients that we have
been working with are Eolas International, ESB, Esri-Ireland and Sureskills. Sureskills  have
signed up for a few more, as have The Environmental Protection Agency. See the EPA's most
recent here http://www.epa.ie/irelandsenvironmenttest/

Igloo are also in very early productions of an Animated Sitcom, working with
one of the writers from the TV show "Your Bad Self". See image attached:)
Also, we updated our website with new showreels, see here

OK, thats it for the moment. Enjoy the holidays while they last :)

Very Best,

Trevor Courtney

Director at Igloo Animations
Phone: 00353 1 6908020
Digital Depot, Dublin 8