Friday, 19 April 2013

Igloo News April 2013 - Free Ken Robinson Animation :)

Hi everyone, and Happy Friday to you all :)

OK, first up. Here is the new Ken Robinson animation we produced, Enjoy :)
This was taken from his Ted talk which is Extremely inspiring and it's about how Schools Kill Creativity. Very Impressive! This was crafted using the new Gimme Style "Gimme More Colour",
see here

Igloo are offering this animation for free to anyone that wants to use it on their site,  share etc ...
you do not need our permission.

We have been very busy over the last 3 months producing animations for very nice people at ESB as well as Flip IQ, The Environmental Protection Agency, Dediserve as well as 3 New start up companies which we will post about in our next mailer.

FlipIQ is an educational startup specialising in online tutoring and they have been the 1st company to use the new Gimme Style - Gimme More Colour, see here

Also, see our brand new animation for Dediserve, Ireland's Cloud computing company here

Next on the list are animations for the Broadcast Authority of Ireland, more for our friends at ESRI UK and ESRI Ireland, new cloud topics and Even More start ups that we cannot talk about just quite yet ;)

That's all for the moment. Special thank you to Ken Robinson for being such an inspiration and to The Digital Hub for getting a pool table :)

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Very Best,

Trevor Courtney

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