Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Casting Male Actors for Animated Irish Sitcom

Igloo are currently in the pre-production stages of an adult animated Sitcom 'Just A Position'. We have teamed up with Writer Michael Moloney ("Your Bad Self") and Producer Mike Lennon ("A Man and Ink"). The show is an animated modern Irish Sitcom akin to Seinfeld.

We are casting for the 3 main characters, so 'Actors or performers' feel free to Apply if you believe you can play any of these roles. All 3 roles are male roles and the character descriptions are below. This casting is for a promo trailer for the show.

The Casting date is for next Tuesday, October the 2nd in the Digital Depot, Dublin 8 at 19.00. A showreel or VO reel would be great. So, you can email that into at this email address jobs@iglooanimations.com. Please do not attach files to the email, instead a link to where it is online would be great :)

Character Descriptions are as follows: All characters are in their 30's

On casting each actor (playing one of the characters below) will be asked what they do for a living. A rough script will be provided or if you want to be creative you can come up with your own answers.
Tony is unemployed but used to be a team leader in an IT company.
Jay runs a small carpentry business.
Ciaran is a Keyboard player (session musician)

Pompous university graduate. Upper class but cut off from family money, Tony has no clue how to
exist in the real world. Good at heart but easily misled. A big disappointment to his family, Tony is
now trying to find something to prove himself. As he drifts from flaky new interest to
flaky new interest in search of the perfect new job that will satisfy him, Ciaran and Jay try to help
but ultimately send him in the wrong direction.
Gruff, slightly deluded, working-class straight shooter. Although set in his ways, Jay is the oddball
of the group. Certainly the word Asperger is thrown around irreverently by his 'friends'. Slightly
racist and homophobic, Jay is an uptight workaholic with woeful personal hygiene.
Dominating, shifty, opportunistic fella from the country. Ciaran is a big personality. Manipulative,
and with loose morals, he can sweet talk his way into any situation (but not necessarily out). Ciaran
is the kind of guy who wanders around mens' changing rooms bollock naked having conversations
with people.

Trevor Courtney
Phone: 00353 1 6908020
Digital Depot, Dublin 8