Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Igloo Animations launch new product: Gimme The Video.Com

Igloo are delighted to launch Gimme The Video.Com today.
Please see here:
and YES, there is a video on the site that explains how it works, of course :)

Gimme The Video.Com is an efficient and cost-effective way for businesses to communicate
their message to potential clients, offering a clear and concise
explanation of any topic or product they wish to present, in a relaxed and uncluttered

Facebook, Enterprise Ireland and Sureskills have already signed up to use the product.
Please see examples on the website :)

Gimme The Video.Com stands out as a more progressive approach to online videos. By using
a presenter mixed with animation, each video offers a more personable way to explain
topics online.

It works in the same way as our previous service/product 'Gimme The Short Version.Com',
which was hugely successful. For Gimme The Video.Com however, instead of choosing a
cartoon character clients can now pick a presenter, offering a more human touch. Each
presenter is then placed into Igloo's animation land and can be moved in and out of shot
and make room for visual explanation and instructional design.

Gimme The Video.Com offers a complete package: script editing, filming, presenting and
animation. Business owners are able to choose a presenter from Igloo’s wide selection;
alternatively, company owners are also welcome present their own topics in the Igloo
studio themselves.

We also had a great article in the Irish Times, In conversation with
the very nice Olive Keogh. Please see here:

And we have added a new White board/Marker style to Gimme The Short Version.Com
Vanquotes.IE are the first client to use this new style in their online video. You can
view the results by clicking the link below :)

Next up on the list are more Short Versions for HBF Biofuels, Burns Nowlan Solicitors,
SureSkills, The Institute of Bankers in Ireland and ESRI Ireland. We will also be producing
an eLearning/animated course for ESB on Smart Grids too.

For any further information, feel free to ring or mail me direct :)

Very Best,
Trevor Courtney

Phone: 00353 1 6629016
Address: 7 Upper Pembroke St, Dublin 2

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New Igloo Office and more :)

Hi there Everyone, hope all is well :)

First up:
Igloo have now moved into our new office located on Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2.
Reason being is that we are opening a new Video/Audio department and we just need more space. We would like to say a Big Thank You to all the lovely staff at the Digital Hub who have been more than accommodating over the last four and a half years and we will miss you all very much :)

In the next coming weeks we will be launching a completely new product/service titled
'Gimme The Video', which will be used to explain topics, businesses and products through video
and animation using a presenter.

You can see  some of our latest Short Versions using the new  Gimme More Colour style here:
Enterprise Ireland:
The Institute of Banking:
Kilkenny Education Centre:

Green letterbox are now up and running using Igloo's short versions to explain their services,
see here as well as Post It Direct, see here

and see our latest viral Igloo animation (Thinking Different) here: 

Last week we launched GimmeTheShortVersion.Co.UK in London, which is now being run by the very nice Mike Cooper. You can read about this in Mike's blog here

Next up on the list:
We are delighted to be producing more animations for ESRI Ireland, ESB, BAI, Sure Skills, Pension Pal and The Institute of Banking and once we have launched GimmeTheVideo.Com we will be having an Open Week where clients can call into our office, have some nice coffee, meet us in person (if you haven't already) and see what we have new to offer :)

That's all for moment. For any further information you may require, feel free to ring (new number below) or send us an email and follow Igloo on Facebook here

Very Best,
Trevor Courtney
Director at Igloo Animations

Phone: 00353 1 6629016
Address: 7 Upper Pembroke St, Dublin 2

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Igloo Animations - August 2013 News

Hi there everyone and hope you're all enjoying the first proper Irish summer
since I can remember :)

OK, first up:
Igloo will be opening a New Video Department 'Gimme The Video' and will be
using different presenters to explain topics, peoples businesses and products
for different clients AND these videos will (of course) be then mixed with Animation.
Company owners are also invited to be interviewed too in our very relaxed environment
and discuss their company plans, products etc....
This will be very New and Exciting. More to come on this :)

In the mean time, if there are any presenters (not actors) interested in auditioning,
we welcome you to get in touch by emailing us at
An on-line video displaying your talents is very welcome but not mandatory.
Male/Female presenters between the ages 20 to 65 are welcome to apply.
Auditions are set to run between 19.00 to 21.00 on Thursday the 15th of August
in the Digital Depot, Dublin 8.

Igloo will also be moving offices to Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2 to
accommodate our expansion/video department in mid September. has now hit London. See our new Gimme English
Voice Over here: More to come on this too :)

We have just finished producing animations for Institute of Bankers in Ireland,
Pension Pal and The Kilkenny Education Centre in conjunction with The Health and
Safety Authority Ireland.

Next up are more animations and eLearning projects for the very nice people at  ESB,
ESRI Ireland, Broadcast Authority Ireland, SureSkills and Pension Pal.

That's it for the moment. Hope you all enjoy the rest of this sunny summer :)

Very Best,
Trevor Courtney

Director at Igloo Animations
Phone: 00353 1 6908020
Digital Depot, Dublin 8

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Igloo Animations - Big News June 2013

Hi there everyone, hope you're all enjoying the Sun :)

Big News First:
Sir Ken Robinson gave Igloo the thumbs up, called our video "Brilliant" and then wrote about us in his latest newsletter titled 'The Dynamics of Creativity' see here

The video then received over 10,000 hits in one week with a lovely twitter quote from Gillian Lynne herself , "Thank you for highlighting this important story". We really couldn't have asked for anything more than that :)

If you missed Igloo's Sir Ken Robinson animation, you can see it here
It's taken from THE most popular Ted Talk of all time.

Igloo will be pitching for the next round of Channel 4 comedy blaps with our brand new Irish animated sitcom 'Fantasy Ireland' . See promo trailer here

We have also just produced animations for ESB, Enterprise Ireland, ESRI UK, Green Letterbox, Post it Direct, Pension Pal and the EPA with more in the pipeline for ESB, Pension Pal, ESRI Ireland and BAI.

We are currently hiring and looking for a new animator/designer to produce Short Versions Please mail C.V.'s & Reels to

An Igloo London office is on the horizon too and a new Video/Audio department is under construction as well :) More to come on all that.

That's all for the minute. Just a special thanks to Danny Stack for being such a great script editor and being so easy to work with :) For further information or just queries in general feel free to ring
or send us an email at

Very Best,
Trevor Courtney

Director at Igloo Animations
Phone: 00353 1 6908020
Digital Depot, Dublin 8

Friday, 19 April 2013

Igloo News April 2013 - Free Ken Robinson Animation :)

Hi everyone, and Happy Friday to you all :)

OK, first up. Here is the new Ken Robinson animation we produced, Enjoy :)
This was taken from his Ted talk which is Extremely inspiring and it's about how Schools Kill Creativity. Very Impressive! This was crafted using the new Gimme Style "Gimme More Colour",
see here

Igloo are offering this animation for free to anyone that wants to use it on their site,  share etc ...
you do not need our permission.

We have been very busy over the last 3 months producing animations for very nice people at ESB as well as Flip IQ, The Environmental Protection Agency, Dediserve as well as 3 New start up companies which we will post about in our next mailer.

FlipIQ is an educational startup specialising in online tutoring and they have been the 1st company to use the new Gimme Style - Gimme More Colour, see here

Also, see our brand new animation for Dediserve, Ireland's Cloud computing company here

Next on the list are animations for the Broadcast Authority of Ireland, more for our friends at ESRI UK and ESRI Ireland, new cloud topics and Even More start ups that we cannot talk about just quite yet ;)

That's all for the moment. Special thank you to Ken Robinson for being such an inspiration and to The Digital Hub for getting a pool table :)

Follow us on Facebook here

Very Best,

Trevor Courtney

Phone: 00353 1 6908020
Digital Depot, Dublin 8

Monday, 25 February 2013

Igloo News Febuary 2013 - New HTML5 Sites now live

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well :)

First up: ALL Igloo and Gimme websites have now been converted to HTML5, so they are now running on the IPAD, Smart Phones, you name it, the lot!

The New Gimme The Short Version site has some Extra Editions too.
- New Characters
- New Voice Overs
- New Styles
Please see new site here -

The New Igloo Animations site now has
- New updated Showreels
- a New E-Learning section
- New Artwork and Characters
Please see new site here -

New Clients to add to the list are FLIP IQ, HEADCOUNT, UTRAC, ARCHER and SALES6IX. We have been continuing our work with the nice people in the Environmental Protection Agency producing more Short Versions (English and Irish translations) as well as with DEDISERVE and ESRI IRELAND. More to come on this :)

Just for 'Fun' we illustrated a diagram on "How to create your very own Jason Statham movie poster" which has been being passed around a good bit on the web. If you visit Xtra Vision a bit, you will know that all his movies posters look the same ;) See here

to see further updates on what we will be doing next.

That's all for the minute. For any further information feel free to ring
or send us an email with any queries you may have :)

Very Best,

Trevor Courtney

Director at Igloo Animations
Phone: 00353 1 6908020
Digital Depot, Dublin 8