Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Igloo Animations - Big News June 2013

Hi there everyone, hope you're all enjoying the Sun :)

Big News First:
Sir Ken Robinson gave Igloo the thumbs up, called our video "Brilliant" and then wrote about us in his latest newsletter titled 'The Dynamics of Creativity' see here http://sirkenrobinson.com/?p=744

The video then received over 10,000 hits in one week with a lovely twitter quote from Gillian Lynne herself , "Thank you for highlighting this important story". We really couldn't have asked for anything more than that :)

If you missed Igloo's Sir Ken Robinson animation, you can see it here
It's taken from THE most popular Ted Talk of all time.

Igloo will be pitching for the next round of Channel 4 comedy blaps with our brand new Irish animated sitcom 'Fantasy Ireland' . See promo trailer here http://tinyurl.com/ndk5zvz

We have also just produced animations for ESB, Enterprise Ireland, ESRI UK, Green Letterbox, Post it Direct, Pension Pal and the EPA with more in the pipeline for ESB, Pension Pal, ESRI Ireland and BAI.

We are currently hiring and looking for a new animator/designer to produce Short Versions http://gimmetheshortversion.com/ Please mail C.V.'s & Reels to jobs@iglooanimations.com

An Igloo London office is on the horizon too and a new Video/Audio department is under construction as well :) More to come on all that.

That's all for the minute. Just a special thanks to Danny Stack for being such a great script editor and being so easy to work with :) For further information or just queries in general feel free to ring
or send us an email at info@iglooanimations.com

Very Best,
Trevor Courtney

Director at Igloo Animations
Email: trevor@iglooanimations.com
Phone: 00353 1 6908020
Digital Depot, Dublin 8